The Cal Poly Pomona Artificial Intelligence Fair will be held on April 17, 2024, at the Bronco Student Center in Ursa Major. Join us for this multidisciplinary event exploring artificial intelligence (AI), from today’s task-specific devices, services, and systems to purely theoretical possibilities. Website & Instagram.

 Short Blurb

The Artwork

Inspired by a monospace terminal font, the underscore cursor waits for input from the user to generate a result.

The Date

Reminiscent of a software version number.

The Avatar

Simply ai_ social media platforms provide context within the profile name, bio, and post content.

The Colors

CPP blue, green, and gold along with magenta represent generated output.

  • #fcb415
  • #048442
  • #0b436a
  • #ed0f54
  • #ffffff (white)
  • #000000

“Beneficial” and “Neutral” outcomes are represented by CPP Primary colors:

  • ai_art
  • ai_music
  • ai_tools

Negative results are represented in magenta:

  • ai_bias
  • ai_hallucination
  • ai_misinformation

The Rules for “Rendered Output:”

Always lowercase, a single word, simplistic, imperfect, and sterile.

  • lacks humanity, always refer to as it.
  • ai_ always in black and output in color.
  • If used in text like this email, opt for a bold monospace font like Lucida Console.
  • Never place a space after the underscore or within the rendered output, ai_ is always black.
  • Multi-word output should be discouraged, if necessary, use a use a hyphen.
    • ai_chat-bot
    • ai_ task-specific
    • Punctuation can follow the output if used in a sentence.
      • “My bank’s customer service is useless, they use an ai_chat-bot.
        • Magenta used for a negative outcome.
      • “Ask Billy is useful for an ai_chat-bot, it provides direct answers most of the time.
        • CPP Primary colors for a beneficial or neutral outcome.

fonts and colors