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  • Debian Buster & i3wm

    Debian Buster & i3wm

    It occurred to me today that I’ve never optimized Debian and i3 together for my own purposes. I’ve themed it in Lubuntu and Ubuntu which consisted of adding it alongside those distributions. However, for Debian I decided to start with a lean install of components add i3 and only what I actually need. This resulted…

  • Regolith Linux

    Regolith Linux

    I never even considered mixing Gnome desktop with i3wm. But that’s what Regolith Linux has done and its a fantastic hybrid experience. Gnome provides a modern system integration while i3wm provides a smartly configured tiling window manager. Admittedly Regolith Linux is just as heavy on RAM as any other Gnome desktop. But, at some point…

  • CPU / RAM Usage: Lubuntu 20.04

    CPU / RAM Usage: Lubuntu 20.04

    It makes me warm and fuzzy inside to see the CPU hog is Firefox with one tab open at only 5.7%… Not the OS, utilities, pianobar, or gnome pomodoro timer. ???? ???? The CPU hog appears to be Compton, I’ve disabled it since I’m not doing using transparencies, drop shadows or anything that requires it…