Building A WordPress Theme From Scratch

  • Registering & Displaying A  Sidebar

    Registering & Displaying A Sidebar

    Registering a sidebar gives our theme an area where dynamic content can be added by Widgets and managed by the site owner using a drag an drop interface. This can include menus, custom HTML, Images and additional features introduced by Plugins. In this post we’ll register a sidebar, that will then be assigned dynamic widgets…

  • Registering & Displaying Menus

    Registering & Displaying Menus

    Adding or Registering menus to a WordPress website has frequently been a challenge which is why I believe it deserves its own post as we learn about register_nav_menus() then adding those Navigation Menus to our theme. At first glance the process appears simple, add a function to functions.php to “register” the menus. functions.php Next use…

  • Building A Basic WordPress Theme

    Building A Basic WordPress Theme

    Creating a WordPress theme only requires three files. style.css, index.php, functions.php. However since we’ll be needing them later lets include header.php and footer.php. Some of the code samples get a little busy in this section so I’ve provided them in a Bitbucket snippet for easier reading and download. Tip: Before beginning consider setting wp_debug to…