I’m giving my Debian Stretch drive a little attention and running updates.  It’s home is a 1TB 7400 RPM hard drive and serves as home to my personal and server backups as well as this machine’s Steam library.

Currently I’m running Peppermint 8 on my main SSD drive and Ubuntu 16.04.3 running i3 on my testing drive.

Side note Bryan & Matt answer my cliche question on The Lunduke Show (YouTube).

Lastly, if we lived in the dystopian future of 2037 where only only one Linux distribution survived I hope it would be Debian. (see 7:13 of the video above)


2 responses to “Debian Stretch Desktop Update”

  1. Wazza64 Avatar

    I’ve only recently shut down my own Debian powered nas, up for over 5 years running 24/7. It’s been using mirrored ZFS the entire time.
    I don’t think you could do much better than Debian for when things absolutely need to work.

  2. Joseph Dickson Avatar

    You can’t. Debian is the gold standard.

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