After Google started requiring information to obtain an API I realized I had no practical need for the API as all my events tend to be in the same location.

With the help from Modern Tribe support I created the following plugin. Once activated it will remove the API call to Google Maps. Likewise deactivating or deleting the plugin will restore Event Calendar Pro’s default behavior.

Plugin: Remove Google Maps API for ECP


2 responses to “Dequeue Google Maps API for Events Calendar Pro”

  1. jd Avatar

    The plugin nor the code placed in the child theme’s functions.php works. It still displays an error. Wondering how to get the call to Google Maps completely removed.
    js?key=KEY_WAS_HERE Google Maps JavaScript API error: ExpiredKeyMapError

    1. Joseph Dickson Avatar

      Hi jd,
      Looks like I’m getting a warning in Firefox console and it’s similar to yours.

      Google Maps JavaScript API warning: NoApiKeys

      My quick guess is Events Calendar Pro or Google changed something that made this dequeue ineffective. I’ll review this code over the next few days and update the post accordingly.

      Thanks for noting the error.

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