Beth Livingston – Project Management coaching

  • First you must have a project management methodology
    • Set of guiding principles and processes
    • Random processes almost always result in project overruns
    • Repeatable Processes help increase efficiency, expectations are clear

Triple Threat

  • Design
  • Code
  • Project Management

Project Management

  • guiding principles and processes that define how to work…



Six Productivity Principles for WordPress Project Management Success

  • Define the job in detail with content first approach
  • Get the right resources involved
  • Estimate the time and cost often
  • Break the job down
  • Establish and stick to a change procedure
  • Establish Interim and final acceptance criteria

Elements of a Good Project Management Methodology

  • Proper estimating
  • Resource management
  • Work Breakdown structure
    • Activities
    • Phases
    • Tasks
  • Approach to content collection
    • advice — content first: no content / stop working on website
  • Acceptance management

Proper Estimating

  • Abandon the crystal ball approach
  • Don’t to and estimate what you don’t know
  • Get rid of the “pad” as “charge control”
  • Never provide a precise estimate

Resource Management

  • People, plugins, hosting, blocks, other…

Work Breakdown Structure

  • Phases, activities, tasks
  • milestones
  • 80 hour rule (what is this rule?)
  • incremental approvals

Approach to Content Collection

  • Content first?
  • Define how you will determine content requirements
    • estimate content
    • set client expectations regarding …

Change Management

  • Acknoldege change as inevitable
  • Plan for it
  • Manage it
  • Use a change budget
  • Implement change control without exception
  • change at next payment interval — invoice tip

PM Methodology as a UVP

  • detailed two step approach saves money
  • cheaper to make changes early before its in production

designing around content increases efficiency

to do items

  • Research 80 hour rule — project sprint deliverable at 80 hours… it can be flexible to your needs.
  • Look up “Change Budget” (what is this?)
  • Estimating gets better with experience
  • don’t penalize clients for change
  • Get slides form Rock High Development
  • visit
  • advice — 20-30% of full budget for change budget


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