I’m a Web Developer.

I have over ten years of experience designing WordPress themes and plugins for multisite deployments in higher education.


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Recent Posts

  • Creating Custom Block Patterns For WordPress

    Effectively copy and paste the entire group into an editor Joseph Dickson Call to Action Block YouTube Embed Block Image & Quote Articles Referenced In The Video Block Patterns on WordPress.org Get Stylesheet Directory URI Get Plugin Directory URL How to Build Block Patterns for the WordPress Block Editor

  • Creating smaller buttons for Gutenberg

    Often I find WordPress’ default button blocks are too large for some situations. Fortunately, extending Gutenberg blocks isn’t too difficult. Following the Gutenberg Handbook I’ve created short video and code samples to create addtional smaller button options without relying on a plugin.

  • Using is_multisite to loop in a post from another blog

    Multisite is a powerful feature that allows us to manage multiple blogs within a single WordPress installation. In this post I briefly describe how to post content from the main site to a sub-site. We can use any method you like to query a post from the main site. In this example I’m using WP_Query…

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