I’m a Web Developer.

I have over ten years of experience designing WordPress themes and plugins for multisite deployments in higher education.


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  • Disable Lazy Loading Images Using the_post_thumbnail() in WordPress

    The introduction of lazy-loading of images as of WordPress 5.5 improves site performance by delaying them until the user scrolls into view making our pages feel faster by only loading images as we need to see them. The Problem However, I needed a way to disable lazy loading for specific features like this image carousel […]

  • If post hasn’t been modified recently in WordPress

    Today an issue came up where a reader of one of a site I manage was referring to content that was out of date. Normally that’s not a problem but in this case it is a timely pandemic documentation page where the content is very likely to be out of date within a couple months […]

  • WP_Query, Going Beyond The Loop

    As presented at WordCamp Santa Clarita on April 18, 2020.

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