I’m a Web Developer.

I have over ten years of experience designing WordPress themes and plugins for multisite deployments in higher education.


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Recent Posts

  • Upgrading a classic theme for Gutenberg

    With the release of WordPress 5.0 in early December 2018 web developers were forced to make a decision, install the Classic Editor plugin and continue to enjoy the post editor we’ve used for years or jump the new block editor experience. However, I quickly found a few of my themes were not ready.

  • Disable URL Guessing in WordPress

    Placing the following PHP code snippet below in your theme’s funtions.php file will disable a WordPress feature that attempts to automatically redirect a bad url to an actual post or page with a similar url. Please note, if there are any broken links to your website or it’s pages that benefit from this feature it […]

  • Adding alt text to a post thumbnail

    While working on a custom navigation using WP_Query and has_post_thumbnail for an icon I ran into an accessibility concern. By default, the_post_thumbnail will not display an alt tag when rendered in the browser. In the following code snippet I add an alt tag using the image file’s title. In short the code above starts with […]

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