Read a quick post at from Linux Journal about setting up PyRadio. Admittedly the hardest part was finding a valid URL for stations as many hide or obscure their urls behind a block of JavaScript.

Additionally, this is a great way to listen to streaming radio without a website hogging your CPU and RAM.

If you are using Peppermint or any other Ubuntu 18.04 based distribution that supports snap packages you can grab PyRadio by running the following commands in the terminal.

sudo apt install snapd
sudo snap install pyradio

I visited where I was able to inspect their player and collect the necessary public urls to mp3 streams while they were playing.

This is my first use of a snap application so I’m not certain the configuration path will be identical on your system.

stations.csv configuration location in my user account.

Once up and running I opened stations.csv in vim and added the NPR station streams I collected earlier.

stations.csv configuration example.

Here are those URLs if you would like to test them.


After saving the .csv and restarting PyRadio my new stations appeared for selection.


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