Notes from the live stream of WP Campus

Nathan Monk | Elaine Shannon | Session

After a post has been published you have to un-publish the post. It’s a pretty big deal as it takes the page down.

Moving from one single website user to multiple users created a need for “Border Control” and a governance process to manage the flow of contributions and edits.

Slide of the Draft vs Live Problem
Slide of the Draft vs Live Problem.
Slide of a suggested workflow solution for WordPress edits and revisions
A slide of a proposed WordPress editing workflow. has an open beta

Policy Library

The default WP workflow didn’t meet the needs of St Mary University, they needed to restrict to offices.

They sent all posts to “Submit for Review” instead of publishing it live without review.

Users submit edits for review.

SSO conflicted with varied WP Roles be sure to test for conflicts before moving from WP to SSO accounts.

A good workflow tells the author/editor who the approving admin is so they can follow up if necessary.

Deadlines “Review By”
Bulleted listings of pros and cons.

Presenters would like core to focus on user workflows for users, post types, notifications etc.


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