• Vim for Distraction Free Writing

    Vim for Distraction Free Writing

    When I’m not using a journal to collect my thoughts I dig up my aging Toshiba NB505, a fifteen year old netbook that I saved from e-waste when my dad upgraded. It’s currently running Debain + i3wm and it’s last practical use if for drafting and editing text. The keyboard, surprisingly is where this machine…

  • Debian Buster & i3wm

    Debian Buster & i3wm

    It occurred to me today that I’ve never optimized Debian and i3 together for my own purposes. I’ve themed it in Lubuntu and Ubuntu which consisted of adding it alongside those distributions. However, for Debian I decided to start with a lean install of components add i3 and only what I actually need. This resulted…

  • Upgraded to Debian 10 Buster

    Upgraded to Debian 10 Buster

    A short visual tour to Debian 10 Buster released on July 6, 2019.