WP Rig

  • WP Rig: Creating an additional menu

    WP Rig Menu Component Today, I expanded my Nav_Menus Component in WP Rig to add an additional menu in my footer. Because you can’t have a WordPress website without multiple menus right?

  • This is why we make backups people

    This is why we make backups people

    I figured out how to enable Custom Post Formats in WP Rig. Deployed an updated theme. I deleted my old theme ready to install the new one only to discover I deleted my localhost install of WP Rig and not the theme on this website. Woops! I didn’t backup WP Rig on my localhost so…

  • Testing out WP Rig

    Testing out WP Rig

    The last few days I’ve been playing with WP Rig as a way to speed up my WordPress development process and automatically optimize theme performance. This effort was partly on in part by Chris Weigman’s switch to Hujo.js for his blog and as well as my interest in static site generators. WP Rig’s build process…