Roughly two thirds of the way through this book after setting it aside for a few weeks. I enjoy that Chris Bailey wrote this book in both sections and chapters with focused topics. It works well as a linear read or choosing a chapter or section on a topic that interests in the moment.

YouTube was down after work today. So reading with a beverage broke my brainless video watching routine.


8 responses to “The Productivity Project”

  1. Bridget Willard Avatar

    Nice! Pretty soon I’m about to pour some @RebeccaCWhiskey from right here in San Antonio!

  2. Joseph Dickson Avatar

    I haven’t tried it. I just started doing the whiskey thing during the pandemic so my first hand knowledge is still very limited.

  3. D.J. Avatar

    I’ve think I’ve heard of books. You set your whiskey down on them, right?

  4. Joseph Dickson Avatar

    Oh, I was using my coaster for that. I’m doing it wrong.

  5. Bridget Willard Avatar

    Cool. We’re all always learning.

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