Notes taken during from E Lema’s presentation at WordCamp Orange County.

Take your own photos

Avoid stock photos, use your own artwork. Otherwise your website looks like everyone else

Use Headings

Everyone skims, keep it short.

Have an opinion

If you have an opinion, share your take. Facts are interesting, but not helpful your opinion is

Put your picture on the website

Build a personal connection

Always be helpful

Tips, opinions, expertise,

Allow comments

A great way to connect with your audience.

Don’t worry about looks

Content is what’s important

Have an About page

Why should people read your page, who are you. Make it personal. You can trust your friends.

Finish when your thought is out

Don’t write more or less than you need to.

You Don’t have to hit publish

Save it and decide later

Hit Publish

What will it take you to feel comfortable to hit publish. Use it.

Keep at it

Breaks are okay, promise to come back

You will find your voice

Don’t be worried it will come naturally with time. Let your voice come to you.


How do you deal with writers block? Start with a blank page. Choose a theme such as Inktober.

How do you choose a topic to write about about. Choose something you know well.

How often do you post? Once a week, fit it in where you can.

How many incomplete posts do you have? None at the moment. When it goes nowhere… scrap it.

Journal, smartphone notes apps are useful.


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