I’m out and about today making a point to wear a mask whether inside or outside.

Wearing a mask shows that you care and respect the health of everyone around you withoutà saying a word.


8 responses to “Wearing a Mask”

  1. Matt Hartley Avatar

    Yep. I have a multitude of them – I like to wear masks to match my day’s activities. They FINALLY made it a required thing here in WA state. Won’t be enforced because, well, people suck, but I am hopeful it reduces the spread as it has been spiking here in my state.

  2. Joseph Dickson Avatar

    Yep, I was joking with my wife that I’ll accessorize what I wear around the color of my mask.

    As for people who don’t wear masks. A virus really doesn’t care about our political beliefs. Any more than we can control the weather.


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