Joseph LoPreste | Audits websites for accessibility

NFB, discovered how difficult it is for low-vision users to use the internet

Title 3 lawsuits

Easy Steps

  • WCAG 2.1
    • Text alternative, media, adaptable, distinguishable
    • Keyboard access, time, navigation, seizures
    • readable, predictable, input assistance

11 Steps to Accessibility

11 steps to accessibility
11 steps to accessibility slide from presentation
  • Don’t use click here and read more on links. actually link to what it is.
  • don’t use color to convey meaning
    • such as required fields in red
    • instead use required fields are red and have an asterisk.
  • make the font at least 16px or higher — dependent on actual font size
  • error handling — input fields — review errors below, title is required.
  • tools such as Skip to content, menu, footer.
Free Tools for for web developers slide
Free Tools for for web developers slide
Resources Slide
Resources Slide


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