Super trivial but I like to view these sort of blog posts from time to time. So here’s what’s in my bag today.

What's in my Bag today?
What’s in my Bag today?

That’s it, no adapters, the laptop has everything I’d need built in.


2 responses to “What’s in my Bag?”

  1. Chris Wiegman Avatar

    What, no towel? I’m so disappointed.

    For an honest question though… have you updated to Pop_Os 18.10 yet? Any issues?

    1. Joseph Dickson Avatar

      It arrived with Pop_OS! 18.10, I haven’t had any real issues. I think maybe one or two freezes on wakeup in the last 2 months. I’m really enjoying it.

      I added i3wm for those times I want to code side by side with Firefox and make the best use of my seen.

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