I've been pondering deleting Facebook and by extension Instagram while questioning the value of both social networks in exchange for my personal data.

The recent news around Cambridge Analytica taking user data provided by Facebook and the subsequent lack of transparency by the social network is unacceptable. It won't surprise anyone that I can't justify having an account with such a company.

Okay, I know what the half dozen of you (if I'm lucky) are thinking. "Joe you're posting this on a blog. It's public what's the big deal?" As an owner of this website there are certain protections under the law when publishing content.

  1. I have full ownership of this content
  2. Mining my website for personal information has limited usefulness
  3. I can share what I want, when I want and how I want

If you've followed me on Facebook and Instragram, thanks. You can still catch me on Google+ and Twitter (at least until those platforms make me re-think my participation in their business models).


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