Removing specific Gutenberg core blocks and options

As I eagerly await WordPress 5.0 and its integration of the Gutenberg block editor there were several features that I found troubling from the standpoint of a web designer and developer. All of which are the result of too many options for the end user. I work in an enterprise environment so many of these […]

Dequeue Google Maps API for Events Calendar Pro

After Google started requiring information to obtain an API I realized I had no practical need for the API as all my events tend to be in the same location. With the help from Modern Tribe support I created the following plugin. Once activated it will remove the API call to Google Maps. Likewise deactivating […]

Alphabetize All Categories Except News & Events plugin

After writing my previous post where I alphabetize all categories site wide except the ‘news-events’ slug it seemed appropriate to do the same thing as a very simplified plugin. Everything from that post remains the same except I’ve added a plugin header to provide information to WordPress about the plugin.