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Dipping into Child Themes

Theme development looks complicated but it doesn’t have to be. WordPress Child Themes give you the power to progressively enhance a theme and adapt it to suit your needs.


IEWP Twenty Seventeen Child Theme

This post supplement’s Joseph Dickson’s Child Theme talk at the Inland Empire Meetup on July 3rd, 2018

Concepts used in this presentation include

  • style.css and functions.php usage
  • Repeated post content under every post using WP_Query
  • Removing Google Fonts & Replacing it with a local hosted font
  • Adding custom shortcodes

IEWP Child Themes presentation (Libre Office Impress .opd file)

Twenty Seventeen Child IEWP JD (Child Theme .zip file)


Twenty Seventeen Empty Child

I created this child theme purely for educational and experimental purposes.

This simple child theme that does nothing. It’s an empty stylesheet, and has a functions.php file that imports the parent and a placeholder screenshot.png.

Feel free to download it, add your custom code. The Twenty Seventeen theme remains stock and will receive updates and pass those along to the child theme.


Remove Comments

A simple plugin I created to disable commenting on attachment pages, posts and standard pages.

Even if commenting is allowed on a post, page or set to be allowed within the site’s discussion settings it will disallow comments.

This is particularly useful if you want to disable comments globally and don’t want to bother with individual settings.


As always no warranty is provided or given, use at your own risk.


Working with WP Query

For today’s presentation please download the theme boiler-plate if you’d like to follow along on your computer. This theme requires the Twenty Seventeen theme to function.