IEWP Twenty Seventeen Child Theme

This post supplement’s Joseph Dickson’s Child Theme talk at the Inland Empire Meetup on July 3rd, 2018

Concepts used in this presentation include

  • style.css and functions.php usage
  • Repeated post content under every post using WP_Query
  • Removing Google Fonts & Replacing it with a local hosted font
  • Adding custom shortcodes

IEWP Child Themes presentation (Libre Office Impress .opd file)

Twenty Seventeen Child IEWP JD (Child Theme .zip file)

Twenty Seventeen Empty Child

I created this child theme purely for educational and experimental purposes.

This simple child theme that does nothing. It’s an empty stylesheet, and has a functions.php file that imports the parent and a placeholder screenshot.png.

Feel free to download it, add your custom code. The Twenty Seventeen theme remains stock and will receive updates and pass those along to the child theme.